Who is Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo

Hazrat Sultan Bahoo was a great Sufi Master who promoted spiritual path to Allah which was adopted by desirous whose purpose of life was to attain Devine intimacy and unison by adapting complete path of Sharia


O desirous Come, O desirous Come, O desirous Come; By God, I can take you to Allah the first day you come


Hazrat Sultan Bahoo’s lineage goes back through 31 generations to Hazrat Ali Al Murtaza (RA) and connected to the Awan descendant of Hazrat Ali (RA). Due to the enmity of Umaid tribe and Descents of Prophetﷺ, and their forefathers...

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Sultan-ul-Arifeen Sultan-ul-Faqr Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo Writings

Writings & Teachings

Study of literature by spiritually excellent friends of Allah invokes wisdom and insight within human beings inner, with that depth and broadness ensues in reader’s ...

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I am not sare, pao, chtank, or ful sirsai Hoo. I am not ounce and now it comes to rati Hoo. If I am...

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Spiritual Masters

  • Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ 570
  • 601 Hazrat Ali Al-Murtaza
  • Hazrat Hassan Basri 642
  • 1166 Hazrat Abdul Qadir
  • Hazrat Sultan Bahoo 1630
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Sultan-ul-Arifeen Sultan-ul-Faqr Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo Featured Blog Article

Effects of Materialism on Society and its Solution in the Teachings of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo (R.A)

January 13, 2017

Any object and element of universe which is observed by our physical senses is called material. Materialism means a tendency to consider material possessions and physical...

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