Gauth and Qutb remain here whilst ardent lover venture beyond their Hoo

Such stage ardent lover reaches Gauth do not traverse there Hoo

Ardent lovers remain in unison and proximity is their residence Hoo

I sacrifice upon you ‘Bahoo’ who annihilate their beings in Divine Essence Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Gauth (mystic of upper category) there is one present at one time in the world. Qutab (highest cadre in spiritual pivot) there are four of these in the four corners at one time in the world. Their spiritual states lacks behind the state of ardent lovers who traverse far beyond in the annihilation in the essence of Allah Almighty. Where ardent lover venture that is beyond the reach of Gauth and Qutb. Ardent lovers remain in la-makan in the unison with Allah Almighty. O ‘Bahoo’ I sacrifice upon those whom have annihilated themselves in the zaat of Allah Almighty.