Sultan Bahoo Ancestors

Sustainer is not at Arsh or in Kaaba He is neither Hoo

Sustainer couldn’t be found in knowledge of books in arches in the mosque either Hoo

He not found by swimming Ganges I traversed very far to venture Hoo

Since I got master ‘Bahoo’ I am relieved from all torture Hoo

Sultan Bahoo

After horrendous atrocity of Karbala, against the grandchildren of Rasool ﷺ lives of remaining family suffered hardship. The remaining offspring of Hazrat Ali Allah be pleased with them migrated from Arabia towards Kharassan and then to Herat and Ghazni as well as other cities. Hazrat Sultan Bahoo’s ancestors eventually decided to take abode in valley of Soon Skaser and forefathers of Hazrat sultan Bahoo ra settled in place known as Ongha. Here is the full ancestry linage of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo: