Sultan Bahoo Parents

They wouldn’t shuffle pages of Quran, from Alif reality whom have gained Hoo

They claim divine love and the veils removal they obtained Hoo

Heaven and hell are their slaves as ordained Hoo

I sacrifice upon them ‘Bahoo’ annihilation in Oneness whom has ascertained Hoo

Parents & Ancestors

After horrendous atrocity of Karbala, against the grandchildren of Rasool ﷺ lives of remaining family suffered hardship in the hands of cursed Yazeed and his government. The remaining  offspring of Hazrat Ali Allah be pleased with them migrated from Arabia towards Kharassan and then to Herat and Ghazni as well as other cities, they remained occupied with religious practices and due to their piety they gained nobility and respect. The children of Hazrat Ali Allah be pleased with them who were not from Syeda Fatima Zara Allah be pleased with her were known as Awan and they supported and defended the grandchildren of Rasool ﷺ at the time of Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi people of Awan tribe were inducted in the army and they accompanied him in his conquests in Indian sub continents and eventually decided to take abode in valley of Soon Skaser and forefathers of Hazrat sultan Bahoo ra settled in place known as Ongha and their tribe is known as Qutab Shahi Awan after the name of their forefather Qutab Shah. Full ancestor linage is available here.

Hazrat Bazid Muhammed (RA)

Hazrat Bazaid (Allah bless his soul) was known to Multan's commissioner of Mughal empire regarding his piety and high status and was inducted to his elite administrative force. Later on, when Raja Marwat attacked commissioner of Multan and because Raja was very strong so Hazrat  Bazaid Muhammad (Allah bless his soul), Mounted on his mare soon pari and crossed the parameter wall and landed in the court of Raja’s fortress. Went up to him with drown sword, severed his head like lightening and placed the head in horse bag and exited the fortress. Due to his gallant attempt and heroic action Commissioner of Multan awarded him massive land in  Shorekot forte. 

Hazrat Bibi Rasti (RA)

Hazrat Bibi Rasti Allah bless her soul was friend of Allah Almighty she was also from Awan tribe and she had profound influence on her husband and he too become such carefree from materialistic world that he decided to leave his government service and spend his time in love of Allah Almighty.