Sultan Bahoo Mausoleum

Mausoleum (Mazar)

Hazrat Sultan Bahoo’s (RA) mausoleum is situated in a village near the banks of the river Chenab in the town of Gar Maraja, district Jhang, Pakistan. The mausoleum serves as an elixir to the immoral and corrupt hearts and souls of people.

Sultan-ul-Arifeen Sultan-ul-Faqr Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo Shrine

Millions of visitors from far and wide visit the mausoleum to receive blessings and benefits. The visitors receive countless inward and outward blessings. Ordinary people receive guidance in their dreams, the elite in Muraqaba (meditation), and the elite of the elite 'in a waking state'. This holy personality's generosity and blessings is immeasurable because for a true Faqr (Spiritual Master), life and death, inward and outward is the same. It has been experienced many times that a thought would pass in one's mind and 'supra-rationally it would be answered and made clear. His grave is not a mausoleum but a furnace from where one's soul is purified. Mausoleum of Sultan Bahoo (RA) is like a beacon of light, attracting thousands of true seekers, radiating their inward with his spiritual attraction.

His Urs is celebrated on first Thursday of Jamadi Us Sani every year.

This is the third relocation of the shrine it is visited by people from all over the country and also from the globe. The village where the shrine is located is also known as “Sultan Bahoo” it is located near Gar Mahaja in district Jhang Punjab Pakistan.