Sultan Bahoo Spiritual Masters

You have learnt to write but why you have ruined the paper when unable to write Hoo

You don’t know how to cut out nib and yet being called writer despite Hoo

Every plan of your will be wronged when life came in hand of (destiny) Writer’s might Hoo

Perfect plan is of those ‘Bahoo’ who have perfected Alif and Meem all right Hoo

Sultan Bahoo
Spiritual Masters

Murshid is a Spiritual Master who has perfected the discipline of the spiritual order and he is instructed from the assembly of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to carry out passing teachings and instructions in the capacity of a Spiritual Master. There are 5 levels of Murshid, namely: Kamil, Mukamil, Akmal, Jamea and Noor-ul-Huda.

Hazrat Sultan Bahoo's Spiritual Master lineage goes back all the way to the Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ