Sarwari-Qadri (Sufi Order)

Sarwari-Qadri (Sufi Order)

A Sarwari-Qadri Order is from Hazart Sultan Bahoo (RA) who had defined Qadri order into two sections. One being Qadri Zahidi and the other being Sarwari-Qadri. In Qadri Zahidi order if the Spiritual Master wants his disciples to go through rigorous exercises over many years he has authority to do so. It is the discretion of the Spiritual Master. In Sarwari-Qadri order Spirtual Masters are those who take their disciple into the convention of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in order for the disciple to be administered (bait) on the hand of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. And this is done without putting the disciple thorough any form of struggle or isolation. The Spiritual Master passes Ism-e-Azam to the disciple the very first day so that the disciple can contemplate and with it purify his sole.

It is recorded in Munaqib-e-Sultani and also various other books that when Hazrat Sultan Bahoo (RA) was teenager, he saw a horse rider coming towards him and lifted him and sat him at the back of the horse. When asked who the horse raider was, the reply was Hazrat Ali (RA) - to take Hazrat Sultan Bahoo (RA) to the convention of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and there in the inner most Prophet Muhammad ﷺ had administered the oath and passed them over to Hazrat Abdul-Qadir Gilani (RA). Hazrat Abdul-Qadir Gilani (RA) was given order to instruct and educate Hazrat Sultan Bahoo (RA) and so in the inner most the first oath was on the hand of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and that is where the Sarwari derived from. And the Qadriya derived from the discipleship of Hazrat Abdul Qadir Gilani (RA) in the inner most.

Even though Hazrat Sultan Bahoo (RA) was wali (friend of Allah) by birth, the tradition is that one has to take physical oath upon the hand of Perfect Spiritual Master. He took the baith on the hand of Hazrat Syed Peer Abdul Rahman Dihilvi (RA), who had handed over the key to the spiritual treasure which he was with holding for Hazrat Sultan Bahoo.

In the lineage of Awaisi Sufi Order, Hazrat Sultan Bahoo (RA) is one of the Sufi Masters as Hazrat Sultan Bahoo (RA) mentions in various books that I am Sarwari Qadri Awaisi Faqeer (the one who possess spiritual excellence).

Hazrat Sultan Bahoo mentions that Sarwari-Qadri perfect master is the one who has the power to take his disciple to the status which he himself possess within a moment.

In Sarwari Qadri order there are not excessive repeated recitations (wird) neither there are excessive exercises of glorification of Almight (tasbeeh). This is because Sarwari Qadri order’s followers are those who are the practitioners of Marfat-e-Zat (recognition of Divine self). The only exercise in Sarwari Qadri order is contemplation of Ism-e-Azam and adopting Sharia in its full, the order also does not have tradition of wearing turbans or robes.