Sultan Bahoo Spiritual Masters

Everyone churns milk and yogurt ardent lover churn longing fire Hoo

They take body as churning pot and their spirit as churner and with sighs churning they acquire Hoo

The cord of longing pain glitter and they add essence of sorrow Hoo

Sufi is thy name ‘Bahoo’ who extracts butter from bone marrow Hoo

Sultan Bahoo
Spiritual Masters

Murshid is a Spiritual Master who has perfected the discipline of the spiritual order and he is instructed from the assembly of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to carry out passing teachings and instructions in the capacity of a Spiritual Master. There are 5 levels of Murshid, namely: Kamil, Mukamil, Akmal, Jamea and Noor-ul-Huda.

Hazrat Sultan Bahoo's Spiritual Master lineage goes back all the way to the Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ