Early in the morning, they start labouring Hoo

Crows and vultures are same and thirdly joined chanduri Hoo

They would scream and struggle and they plunk out buds as insane Hoo

Whole of life spent in lamenting ‘Bahoo’ but in shortage they remain Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

The zahid abstinent who are without marifat of Allah Almighty start their outwardly supplications and other exercises just like immature seekers of the marifat. Firstly the crow of worldly desires, vultures of forbidden substance and thirdly chanduri of impatience start their struggle and don’t let the influence of the dhikr settle because of all the above activities which are detrimental for the spiritual assent. They would scream and shout and dislodge the roots of plant of marifat as a person in sane. O ‘Bahoo’ those abstinent without marifat spent whole of their life crying and plucking the buds but were unable to access marifat of Allah Almighty. Their spiritual need was never met.