اللہ چنبے دی بوٹی میرے من وچ مرشد لائی ھُو
نفی اثبات دا پانیط مِلیس ہر رگے ہر جائی ھُو
اندر بوٹی مُشک مچایا جاں پھلاں تے آئی ھُو
جیوے مرشد کامِل باھُوؒ جیں ایہ بوٹی لائی ھُو


Spiritual mentor planted the “Jasmeen” sapling of Allah’s name in my heart - Hoo,

Irrigated with water of negation and affirmation in whole body - Hoo,

It has blossomed and emit sweet fragrance all within - Hoo,

Long live my perfect guide, Bahoo, who planted it in me - Hoo.

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Alif is the first letter of Punjabi language in Punjabi Abyat starts with the first letter. In accordance to the art of poetry Sultan Bahoo recited first letter of the alphabet and it balances the poem sometimes accurately. My spiritual master (murshid) inscribed divine name of Allah Almighty(Ism e Allah zat) in my heart like jasmine plant Remembrance filled within breathing, the oxygen breathed in spreads in every vein with oxygen in the blood and it reaches everywhere. It removes all the forms of satanic influence and darkness and leaves the soul cleansed. When Ism-e-Allah zaat influences the body and each hair on the body engages in the dhikr and calmness and contentment sets in same as when rose bud opens and it scatters fragrance. My master live forever who has planted name of Allah in my heart.


The alphabetic first letter ‘Alif’ is one of the most fascinating field of symbolism directly in the domain of Oneness of Allah (SWT). This spiritual dimension has an amazing cognition to the friends of Allah (SWT) - Aulia Karam. The description is as follows. This devotion of a slender stature vertical line manifests the metaphorical simile which is an embodiment of personified pristine purity of the beloved. It is also a mystic letter, which brings and develops the connection with Aala- Above all - Arfa- Supreme the Arif- cognition - Marifa- gets cognition. The friends of Allah (SWT) remain in a ‘Sweet Trans’ engrossed and submerged in ‘Alif’-‘Lam’-‘Meem’, which creates an incessant inspiration an enhanced cognition with ‘Ahad’- ‘Ahmad’ one with directly and other directly- indirect “the holy Gabriel (A.S)- Muhammad (SAW) The other as ‘Alam’- Pain in struggle to achieve aims to envision for the quest.


The significance of this magnetic perception means, La-ilaha-Illalaho, There is no god, but Allah (SWT). This is a basic proclamation of Deen-Al-Islam and the most efficacious core concept of mystic mediation “Dhikr” for meditation with the Creator (SWT).