Those who studies in attributes are weak in Essence Hoo

Those who achieve such Knowledge are the ones in affirmation and Essence Hoo

In love, they slaughtered their base self with fate’s knife Hoo

Actual portion is for those ‘Bahoo’ who have accessed water of eternal life Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Those who exercise in dhikr of attributes, they are immature seekers and their achievement in Gnostics of Essence of Allah becomes weak. Those who achieve Gnostics of Allah’s Essence are those who subsist in "Only Allah". In love with Allah, they have slaughtered their base self with the knife of fate. After they have annihilated their base self because they fell in love with Allah and they have achieved subsistence (baqa) with Allah. Because they have entered their inner and attained the water of immortality as stated in poem 17.