Make mince of base self that is dog for sure Hoo

Recite remembrance of Allah with every breath with loving lure Hoo

Sustainer is achieved with remembrance, within ones being envisaged Essence Hoo

Both worlds are thy slaves ‘Bahoo’ whom have acquired Essence Hoo


Commentary by M. A. Khan

Nafs is such dog cut it to bits with dhikr of Allah in breathing. Such dhikr will kill the nafs. With the influence of dhikr within the body one can see the Divine Essence within ones qalb. Then both worlds will become your obedient slaves. If being a talib we look at this poem from instructional point of view and in whole of the poem Hazrat Sultan Bahoo describes four states to access essence of Divine truth.

Firstly eliminate (nafs aamara) base self and attain (Nafs mut-mainna) satisfied self

2 In Love of Allah Almighty remain engaged in dhikr of ism-e-Allah zat.

3 By the contemplation of ism-e-Allah zat one supersedes beyond marifat of attributes and reaches marifat of Divine essence.

4 When someone attains marifat of Haqq’s essence and afterwards he becomes allegeable to provide guidance upon the path of marifat.

Wherever Hazrat Sultan Bahoo mentions “both worlds becomes their slaves” or anything of similar kind, it means that they are capable of becoming murshid.