Being a disciple become a seeker and keep singing such Hoo

Hold on to robe of master and you become master as much Hoo

Recite remembrance of Islamic creed and bath with creed Hoo

Allah will purify you ‘Bahoo’ if you practice Divine name of Allah indeed Hoo


Commentary by M. A. Khan

Become a true talib and be sincere and trustworthy of murshid by annihilating in being of your murshid, which is the state of fana fi sheikh. Recite kalima as it washes your spiritual impurities away and when you initiate contemplation of Ism-e-Allah zaat your entire body with be purified. Here Hazrat Sultan Bahoo basically describes the need for four things.

1, Talib has to have sincerity and excellence. 2, company of perfect murshid.3, Purification of nafs with Islamic creed. 4,Cleansing of heart with Ism-e-Allah zaat.