Ardent lover performed prayer of love, no words in such Hoo

No one could perform ardent love’s prayer only ardent lover’s has capability of such Hoo

Performed ablution with tears of eyes and blood of heart as much Hoo

Tongue would not move or do lips shudder ‘Bahoo’ actual praying is such Hoo


Commentary by M. A. Khan

When ardent lover performed the prayer of ardent love there are no words in it. Ardent lovers perform such prayers of love that doesn’t contain words. According to Sufi the prayers is of two kinds one is timely ritual prayer and the other is perpetual. The timely prayer is five times daily prayer that is established by every Muslim or besides them such like Friday prayer, tahjud and asraq etc. Whereas meaning of perpetual prayer is such prayer that is performed all the while which means for those in the basic level of spiritual discipline is dhikr of Allah whereas the topmost level is unison with Almighty Truth. They further state that such a person who performs daily prayer and doesn’t establish perpetual prayer, his daily prayer is not accepted. Sufi strongly stress that wayfarer to abide by the commands of Sharia on the path of marifat specially in worship to be perfect and practitioner is essential condition. My murshid Hazrat Sultan Mohammed Asghir Ali (blessings be upon him) (who were from the ninth generation of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo) said that for prayers body’s ablution is important so that body becomes pure similarly for the dhikr of qalb ablution of qalb in necessary so that qalb becomes pure. He would further say that like water would clean and pure with physical ablution in the same manner prayer is the ablution of qalb that makes it capable for dhikr of Allah without prayer heart would not be capable for dhikr of Allah. Hazrat Sultan Bahoo regards prayer as secret. Here saying of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo from various Farsi books regarding prayer are being quoted.

Exercise of people of secret is five time prayers with congregation. Prayer of secret is truth and without prayer and without obedience to Sharia secret is evil (Kaleed ut toheed: 55)

Such person who befriend with perpetual prayer and timely prayer he becomes approved in view of Allah and reaches everlasting state because prayer is with secret and secret is with prayer. Prayer and secret are the arif billah faqeer’s two wings (noor ul huda 373)

All the states of Divine viewing are prayers in accordance with Sharia such like verbal prayer. Prayer of spiritual path such like prayer of (qalb) soul, prayer of reality such as prayer of spirit and prayer of (sirr) secret such is accessed with prayer of manifestation because when the secret sight opens and person prostrates (bey sirr)without secret and is honoured presence in intimacy of Divine sight. (ameer al konain 365)

Dhikr of Allah’s secret is in prayers. Without prayers dhikr of Allah cannot be described as secret because without prayer dhikr is merely robbery and wastage of time and precious life. (mehq ul faqr 53)

If anyone reaches the status of faqr then it is compulsory for him to wait from one time prayer to next time prayer otherwise his status shall be seized and he will become victim of (istadraj) delusion. (ain ul faqr 325)

This was a minor glimpse of timely prayer that is with words and prayer of love that is described a perpetual prayer that is without words because it is in present of beloved face viewing Him that is prayer of (la-makani) proximity. It doesn’t contain any letters, words, figure, silence, intimacy, distancing, separation, or unison. If glance at line number three perhaps this state is being discussed. That is the reason he is saying that this prayer cannot be established by any tom, dick or harry. Because to reach this destination one has to go through long and difficult path that can only be accomplished by some compassionate ardent lover, who sever the head of their nafs and sacrifice their desire upon the will of beloved. Those ardent lovers take ablution with tears and heart’s blood instead of water. In the last line method of qalb’s dhikr is mentioned that lips, sound and tongue has to be sealed and form of Islamic meditation with breathing invoke dhikr of Allah Almighty’s actual name. When lips and tongue are sealed at that point heart recites and he says that actual prayer is that along with your body your heart also engages in with dhikr of Allah Almighty.


 Not everyone can initiate the prayer of ardent love this prayer in only in the hearts of yearning people. O wayfarer on the path of dervish your eyes will remain crying the tears of blood and there you have to perform your ablution for purification. The actual prayer of ardent love is where tongue doesn’t move or the lips shudder.