Ardent love of beloved kindled the fire, such fire who could put out Hoo

What do I know regarding nature of ardent love, you say that every door it bows you out Hoo

It wouldn’t sleep neither lets me sleep even though from my sleep it awakes me Hoo

I sacrifice upon you ‘Bahoo’ who unites my parted beloved with me Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

The ardent love of beloved has kindles such kind of fire all over in my inner from each hair dhikr of beloved is invoked how anyone can put out such fire. I don’t know the nature of ardent love ie how it attracts you but o seeker you would say that it makes you bow in modesty at every door in state of faqr in order to humiliate ones base self. The ardent love doesn’t sleep or lets me sleep but on the contrary it awakes those who are fast asleep in the state of ignorance in to the state of passion for Allah Almighty. O ‘Bahoo’ I sacrifice upon those whom have accessed unison with my beloved Allah Almighty.