If ardent lover heeded good advice then why would they desert their dwelling Hoo

Why ignite firework of ardent love and burn heart and soul’s dwelling Hoo

Forgotten worldly life and robbed of patience and sense Hoo

I sacrifice upon those ‘Bahoo’ who exonerate beloved of his blood’s expense Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

If the ardent lovers heeded the advice of intellectuals and follow outwardly Shariah and not to go deep into the valley of ardent love and abandon the love of homely pleasure and strive for heavens and not consider the path of closeness of Allah Almighty. Ignite the firework of ardent love and with that burn the heart and soul. Forgotten worldly pleasures and by passion of ardent love and sense and patience regarding viewing Allah Almighty has vanished. I sacrifice upon those O ‘Bahoo’ who sacrificed on the path of ardent love and forgives his beloved of his blood.