When “happen so it happens” commanded, nearby we were there Hoo

Was within essence and attribute of Sustainer and yet we search Him here Hoo

We are struck in our bodies in fact proximity was our dwelling Hoo

Impure base self has defiled us ‘Bahoo’ we were not actually defiling Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan


When Allah Almighty commanded happen so all of universes came into existence. Allah Almighty created the spirits of sultan ul Faqr’s seventy thousand years prior to creating physical body of Adam blessing be upon him(rasala Ruhi sharif Sultan Bahoo) Spirit Ruh is the manifestation of Allah Almighty and we bear the Godly qualities within us and yet we look for Allah Almighty everywhere else. La-makan was our abode and we are struck in our bodies in this mortal world. We are not filthy in reality but it is our base self nafs has made us filthy with worldly desires.