People will make a grave and grave will be the dwelling solution Hoo

They will put a pinch of dust and grave they will raise Hoo

After funeral service they will head home and you as their lion in mourning they will praise Hoo

Carefree is the court of Sustainer ‘Bahoo’ where without His grace no resolution Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

O dervish after your death your kin and kith will dig your grave and they will make it your abode. Above your grave they will add more dust to raise its height. After your burial they will make supplication pray for you and they will head home. Due to grief of your death they will repeat calling you their lion and further titles they will attribute to you. But O ‘Bahoo’ Allah Almighty is carefree of what you are described as but salvation will only come about by the mercy and grace of Allah Almighty.