I am not a learned scholar or mufti or qazi either Hoo

My heart does not desire hell or pleased with passion for heavens neither Hoo

Neither had I kept thirty fasts nor such prayer performing pious either Hoo

Without unison with Sustainer ‘Bahoo’ the world is false stake Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

I am not a learned scholar with outwardly recognised qualification or religious judge. My heart doesn’t have the fear of hell or passion for heavens because I am on the straight path and I only do it for love and passion of Allah Almighty. I haven’t fasted for thirty days of performed my prayers merely for the love and desire of heavens and fear of hell. I have carried out the above duties to please Allah Almighty. Without the unison with Allah Almighty O ‘Bahoo’ the whole game is fake everything besides Allah Almighty will perish.