Entire universe is screaming from single pain ardent lover have sustained hundreds of thousand pains Hoo

Where there is danger of fall or drifting on such boat who remains Hoo

Ardent lover boarded such boat which they have taken at whirlpool’s leisure Hoo

Where ardent love is weighed in rati ‘Bahoo’ they have differentiated the pleasure Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

The whole universe screams aloud over a single sorrow and they moan and groan, whereas the ardent lovers sustain hundreds and thousands of pains and grief’s and they do not utter a word of complain. Where there are hazards of falling or drifting the ardent lover land the boat of their ardent love fearlessly. The ardent lovers have boarded the boat of ardent love that takes to the actual zaat of Allah Almighty at their leisure and take it through the whirlpool of all forms of hazards. O ‘Bahoo’ each particle of ardent love of Allah Almighty is priceless and the ardent lovers are taking pleasure from this form of ardent love even if it may seem extremely difficult.