خام کیہ جاننط سار فقر دی جہڑے محرم ناہیں دل دے ھُو
آب مٹی تھیں پیدا ہوئے خامی بھانڈے گِل دے ھُو
لعل جواہراں دا قدر کی جاننط جو سوداگر بِل دے ھُو
ایمان سلامت سوئی ویسن باھُوؒ جہڑے بھج فقیراں ملدے ھُو


What would inferiors know about spiritual excellence, intimate with heart they are not Hoo

They are creation of water and earth they are unbaked clay pot Hoo

Those who are traders of crystal how could they know rubies and gems worth Hoo

Only those who will keep their faith secure ‘Bahoo’ to join people of spiritual excellence they run forth Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Those imperfect inferior people what do they know as regards to faqr (spiritual excellence) because they have not recognised their heart and its diet. They are created beings of water and soil and they will remain unbaked earthenware until they are cooked in the fire of ardent love. Those who are only seeking heavens as reward for their deeds, and who are unaware of jewel of faqr will not transform. Those who are only trading their actions and deeds for acquisition of heavens with not know the value of pleasure and will of Allah’s grace. Those whom have joined the path of faqr will have their faith secured whereas the rest will go through all sorts of deception of base self and Satan until their last breath and in their grave at the point of questioning by Munker Nakeer two angles.