Always adopt reflection instead of remembrance this word is sharper than sword Hoo

With sigh, they burn their soul and they experience from secrets abode Hoo

Dhikr invoker are those who witness experience and for a blink from beloved never in disassociation Hoo

It will uproots no one survives strike of experience, deflection Hoo

Speak of truth ‘Bahoo’ Sustainer secures us from experiences affliction Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Spiritual reflection is better than dhikr because with such inspirations will kill the base self like sword. Those who are burning their soul in ardent love witnesses from within the secrets of Allah. Those who engage in dhikr (remembrance) with experience access such experience that they never disengage from beloved for a blink. No one could sustain strike of spiritual experience it can uproot the tree of base self from its toots so that it could never grow again. Truth is that may Allah preserve us from the strikes of experience. Here the punishment of witnessing means that on some occasions disciple in quest of Allah is trapped by Satan and if the care of spiritual master is not accompanied and disciple with become victim of retraction in actual fact Shatan captures through witnessing such as he will display his satanic light and presents himself and God and if the disciple is without the guidance of spiritual master he will perceive that light as the illumine of the Merciful and falls in the severe retraction and therefore Hazrat Sultan Bahoo prays against the shortfall of witnessing.