Could not sleep moment at night and remain perplexed during the day Hoo

Gnostic’s speech could only be understood by Gnostic what can be known by base self person in dismay Hoo

Resort to worshiping you will regret your life is being wasted away Hoo

Presence in Divine truth accessed by those ‘Bahoo’ who met Shah Gillani upon the way Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

In love of Allah couldn’t sleep at night during the day remain perplexed, Gnostics words could only be understood by a Gnostic and not by a person who is obedient of his base animal self. Do not waste you life by indulging in worldly affairs and worship your Lord while you have time. When you are dead, you will regret. Those whom have found Shiekh Abdul Qadir Al-Gillani as spiritual master they will access the Divine truth.