Role of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo in unity of Muslim Ummah

Professor Dr. Muhammad Ayub, | May 15, 2011

Sultan-ul-Arifeen Sultan-ul-Faqr Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo Blog Article

There will not any Prophet after Muhammad(PBUH), and the duty of showing the humanity the light to the right path is now carried out by His caliphs and Sufis of Islam in this world. History of Islam is full of examples where His caliphs and Sufis have spent their whole life like a lighthouse guiding His creature towards the path to eternal success. Among them, the name of Hadrat Sultan Bahoo is shining like a moon in stars. Hadrat Sultan Bahoo in his poetry has invited and guided those who had lost their path, to Creator and gathered them upon the real driving force behind the universe, in his poetry there is a clear message to be united around the real power in the universe and be Muslim nation in true spirit. Most of his poetry is strengthen our connection with Him.

Is now quoted as symbol of our faith in Allah and is recited in religious gathering to strengthen our connection with Him. Many non-believers have turned to believers after listening to the poetry of Hadrat Sultan Bahoo, and this chain will continue until the Day of judgment.

Name and work of Hadrat Sultan Bahoo will ever remain glowing in the darkness of the time and will continue showing the path to those who are willing to and are eager to see Allah on the day of judgement. Hadrat Sultan Bahoo will ever remain a great channel between man and Allah. Those who are followers of Bahoo are actually the followers of the truth to the straight path to Allah.

We are lucky in the sense that we are living in the era of Hadrat Sultan Muhammad Ali and Hadrat Sultan Ahmad Ali who are recieved the light of the truth from Sultan Bahoo through Sultan Asgher Ali and have reached a high position in showing the path to truth to those who had lost their path and are searching for the real message of Allah. The light ignited by Hadrat Sultan Bahoo is showing upon His creatures through the Sultan's of the time who are perfectly doing the duty their ancestors have bestowed upon them in this hard time on the Muslim Ummah.



This article first appeared in Mirat-ul-Arifeen Special Edition Part 2