The Manifestaion and Exuburances of Sultan Haq Bahoo In This Modern Age

Muhammad Z Awan | May 15, 2011

Sultan-ul-Arifeen Sultan-ul-Faqr Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo Blog Article

The Mughals in India embellished and decorated as pioneers of architectural designs with glorious gardens of this Happy Hindustan and a land of splendors, which even surpassed Greco- Roman Civilizations.The first illumination of Deen Al Islam was brought by Muhammad Bin Qasim, a young youthful General from Arabia, who taught an everlasting lesson to Hindu civilizational philosophy;  Later on Deen Al Islam effective guidance reached through Iran to Afghanistan to India. There is a ( tradition) mentioned by Prophet (SAW) a cool Breeze is coming to me from this lush green land of crops with abundant water, which means Quran Qareem Revelations and Seera. Sunna will progress for the welfare of Muslims in the Light of Deen Al Islam. This will satiate the misguided people form the thirst of human integrity and dignity through a perfect path. The glory was further brightened by the deep devotion of Islamic institutional ideologues ( Mubellighen ) who established the prevalence of Deen which became blessings for the misguided mankind. It is impossible to deny the role of the Hajweri, Moindudin Chishti and Sultan Haq Ba Hu (RTA), who were preponderant in heir respective regions and made enormous contributions in converting non believers ( Hindus – Bhuddist) to the straight path as revealed by Allah (SWT) in Quran and Sunnah of Prophet (SAW) . This is also an undeniable fact tht Mughals further promoted the supremacy of Quran. Sunnah through their regime with unforeseen interruption, but this fabric remained intact for more then two thousand years. These Mujahideen  and their followers further erected Buildings , Masoleums Madrassas and schools with institutional propagation of  Quran of Allah (SWT) and Sharia of Prophet (SAW) . This enlightenment was further consolidated in which “ Tauheed ” ( Oneness of Allah (SWT)  manifestation emerged in the light of Holy Prophet (SAW) ) . Quran Qareem clarified the Mission and Message to the mankind in the following Revelation ;-

(41:53) “ Soon will We show them Our Signs in the furthest Regions of the Earth and in their own Souls, Until it becomes manifest to them, that this is the Truth, is it not enough that your Lord does witness all things”.

The remarkability of Deen extensive intensive spread from Arabia to the hearts and souls of the people was a constant miracle done by the companions (RTA) and their patriotic placement of spirit was further ingrained by the future generations of the Friends of Allah (SWT) . These leaders in their respective lands proved to be the arbiters of the World fate and proved the universality of Deen Al Islam . The noble and heroic deeds of these companions resounded throughout this World. This can be stated as it makes no difference; what ever may be propounded or done, the Deen of Allah (SWT) Truth must prevail and He knows who cause obstruction and who sacrifices to help.            

British Bayonet promulgation brought so many conspiracies with constant contradictions which orchestrated the shrewd  policies of imperialistic armies who made local populations as their beneficiaries with gold – silver awards  rewards to change the entire structure and function of Islamic ideology. These unbelievers tried their utmost to debase Sharia system unsuccessfully, but they did change the peoples intention by seducing them to materialistic gains. These hundreds of years struggle did not make Indians to be subjugated by colonialist powers, so there was a revolt which was the preface of Hindu- Muslims emancipation . The emergence of Pakistan was a clear cut proof of that “Dawa” work or reformation was in progress by many mass movements to get rid of shackles of Foreign forces. It was always the Masajids and Madrassas movements by calling “ Azan:” for prayers , kept the everlasting shine of Deen Al Islam . The International movement for decolonization became imperative , because imperialism was suffering heavy losses of life and limb. The colonial age lost their possessions but the onslaught of western culture continued its work, in the form of westernized institutions of despotic democratic designs of civilian bureaucratics with feudal legislature supported by Judicial policies with law enforcement agencies. The brilliantly trained graduates from western universities imbibed with new concepts proved to be excellent representatives for our learning Institutions. They were heavily funded by Scholarships and Training Courses  to mould the minds of our Intelligentia in their socio-economic materialistic doctrines. The application of these indoctrinations worked so magically that the schematic results were very encouraging for both beneficiaries. The new crop of     secular socialist scholars influenced the polluted politicians, who danced on the tunes of their Masters. Muslims suffered from Ideological crises and their validated values disturbed the fabric of Umma ‘s state society systems. The real decline of Muslims communities happened when post modernation  storming invasion was accepted and impression became a reality of modern age. The explosion of mass communications computer sciences in the form of inter-net , web site, control of space program which means a supremacy of air-sea and Earth as satellites to have internal information in depth of our dimensional perception. These novel  revolutions made us to indulge in slavish immitation of technological progress. The intermigration which improved the life of our folks,  gave a significant edge to our hidden enemies. The change of life perceptions gave us sensations of establishing our priorities to prefer worldly ways and brought our “Deen” as a secondary priority if necessary. The insecurity  developed to such an extent that normal thought process gave immense importance for materialistic means to improve our world, while other domains have yet to be explored. It was unfortunate that lack of planning brought a financial crisis and injustices in socio-economic sectors and further funding by foreigners made us to loose our self respect and determination to find solutions to resolve our financial critical crunches. The modern age materialistic , capitalistic socialistic systems developed attractive webs to have a better life standards but at the cost of consumerism , commuting modes which made modern societies were individualistic to the level of selfishness while entering stressful competition of a rat race. This  Brave New World order alleges freedom of choices with limited human rights progressed into a global village. A doctrine of unified democratic designs to bring health, happiness and progress to make life a dynamic identity in ever changing social environment . These drastic attractive changes not only convinced our convictions, but completely captivated our souls and we became unicorns of this world, with least idea of “afterlife”

A great visionary, Poet reformist Allama Muhammad Iqbal  of  Deen Al Islam , presents in one of his Books “ Bang-i-Dara”  for western civilization “ O People of the West, the Gods World is not for exploitation ; what you consider to be worthless. Your civilization will commit suicide with its own Dagger. The Nest built on a frail Branch will be unstable ;     

This was due to the fact that western civilization was enamoured of the visible, but distanced itself from the prophetic conciseness of being ignorant about the real purpose of creation and function of this Universe and especially human life, which accepted matter as its goal instead of keeping it at its proper place; rather  understanding the reality. In the same way, in social spheres of the West has separated the politics governance from religious morality and undefined democracy held sway every where , while endowing man with unrestricted freedom which estranged him from the real purpose of his existence. The West struggle between Church State , where there is denial of power of church  has deep effects upon the whole western thought because separation of human feelings and reasoning from logic to sensory observation and evidence  justifies the resolution of all problems . It is the economic activity which determines the morality. The human Bond can not bound him for the loaf of Bread.  The struggle for success is purely dependent upon legal, social power, but in Deen Al Islam the higher humanity is based upon spiritual awareness to have nobler morality. In western world the incentive and motivation for the pursuit of perfection is from the division of labour to the exploiting Trade unions.  The socialistic struggle being the destiny of the society becomes under the control of workers, which justified that essence of life is to compete for wealth , therefore these efforts are purely to prey upon each other resources to realize their goals and monetary objectives. The global economic anthropology is quite convincing in which to promote each others economy, but still the share could be according to the capitalistic principles. The western pride for their economic development has now wavering allegiance from the  marketing to state with Back and Forth ways changed the focus to conflicting analysis and policy prescriptions, which has undoubtedly generated inconsistencies in the form of inflation, consumeration, causing immense harm to the consistencies for the developmental economics. The capitalistic systems place too much emphasis on consumption and material possessions as source of human happiness and inwardly committed  conviction that his wealth will remain with him throughout his life . These are the frameworks for motivations to attain social interests to save taxation which is the indirect result of serving self interests.      

The Base of Islamic Ideological civilization is spiritual in which Believers are called upon to recognize ultimate reality and to realize their position with regard to the Truth of Day of Judgment. There is a relationship of conscience with Him which develop conviction to clear the soul to nourish heart with sublime principles of magnanimity contentment Brotherhood, affection, charity and piety . These are the bases, which will organize his financial life. These states of human progression and the foundations of Islamic way to make him from a good human being to a better Muslim to be the best Believer. These were the endeavours  of  Muhammad –i-Mustafa  which organized him to conceive a practical spiritual order under the Divine Law. It is therefore imperative that in this complete code of life, the moral principles should not be sacrificed for the sake of monetary gains. The Islamic Ideology will undoubtedly fulfill the basic human needs with the concept of welfare system for the development of clear conscience which brings salvation for the Day of Judgment . It will be appropriate to mention that “ Akle Halal” to consume the commodities which are earned by fair means has to be the personal law. The conclusive remark that Muslims are neither poor nor destitute as  Prophet (SAW) predicted my Umma’s test will be more financial affluence . One can see all Muslim countries are blessed with good Resources in the form of Black Gold and agricultural land. This proves that Allah (SWT) is the Best Sustainer and His promise is for sure and eternal. The poet Philosopher Iqbal (.R.A) from Pakistan Judged the conditions of Muslim communities form centuries old slumber, slackness and non spiritual or realistic following of traditions. He proposed reconstruction of religious thought to revitalize the Muslim Communities. He was basically inspired by Quran & Sunnah and Rumi Philosophy, which made him to visualize the immutable values of Deen Al Islam especially the Sharia ( Path for salvation). He apprised the “Ulema” that they should have awareness to apply ‘Dyanamic Deen’ phenomenon of Deen- Daula as one to register its complete commencement . Therefore it is imperative to define and delineate  all laws, lines in the light of “Ijitihad” ( to face novelties) and Ijma ( consensus of ulema with able acumen in Deen Al Islam ) The legislation should also incorporate authoritative consensus according to the Supremacy of Quran and Sunnah. The Islamic Ideals of “ Tawhid” ( Onenss of Allah (SWT))  a greater Sustainer, Judge of the Universe and His Will, Laws govern every aspect of life ( believe it or not ) which can only be practical if you obey & maintain sincerely  the Sharia as the solution. As stated in ( 38:1) “ By the Quran, Full of admonition ( This is the Truth “)  The admonition clarifies in four contexts (1) Rememberance in a spirit of Reverence (2) Recital celebrating praises of Allah (SWT), (3) Teaching admonition as a warning to help (4) Messenger which identifies the mystical Make-Believe , enlightenment with aspiration and attainment for the higher spiritual atmosphere. This can be further elaborated as mentioned by Quran Qareem the spiritual elevation of “ Ahle-Zikr”  with devotional exercises in the form of Salat ( Prayers) and Saum ( fasting – purification of soul ) .  Those who pay heed to Allah (SWT) Message find .His Grace helping them more and more to expand their spiritual comprehension and to receive Allah (SWT) Light, so that they could achieve their objectives in the path of Truth and Righteousness . They are not to be compared to those who avoid Allah (SWT) Lights & Laws from their hearts “.

(39:22) “ In one whose heart Allah  has opened for Islam, so that he has received Light from Allah, No better thn one hard hearted, woe to those whose hearts are hardened against the remembrance of Allah, They are manifestly wandering in error”.

These “ Aulia Ikram” ( Friends of Allah ) who have no fear from anything, eventualities, because they are in constant watchful care of their Creator; but in return they honour and generate affection to their fellow beings :-

(10:63)” Those who believe and constantly guard against evil”.

(10-:64)” For them are glad tidings,. In the life of present and in the Hereafter. No change can there be . In the Words of Allah. This indeed is the Supereme felicity “

This is also informational warning to mankind that these friendly folks of Allah (SWT) in every nook  and corner of this wide worlds of Earth , Sea & Air. They will be callers, leaders, Or Readers to focus all tribes and factions with their heroic deeds. They will continue their zestful actions, which will resound like clarion call for reformation ( Islah) . It makes no difference, what men say or do. Allah (SWT) Truth must prevail and. He knows who obstruct and who wins paradise by help. These illumined Elite Force built Nurseries to bring focus for spiritual redesign of common as well as special segments

(41:53) “ Soon will We show them Our Signs in the furthest Regions of Earth

And in their own souls until it becomes manifest to them, that this is the Truth. Is it not enough that your Lord does Witness all Things”.  .     

The Message of the Imagery of poetic justice  which comes from the loud & clear singing souls which resounds for actions to improve ones spiritual life. It takes from the daily life of a villager who ploughs for planting and gardening. The most illuminating verses of this Punjabi Revolutionary poet reformer Sultan Bahu , who got his surname because each line is of his “ Si-harfi” a golden Alphabet, which ends with exclamation from the heart of Soul “ Hu” means Him (SWT) . The verses of Sultan Bahu ( Jhang Pakistan 1691) are full of glory, glamour of celebrating  the Most Mgnificient & Sublime attributes of a guide.

“ Alif Allah is like the Jasmine plant ( Herb) which the preceptor planted in my Heart ( Soul-Spirit) “ O Hu “ & By water and the garden of negation and a positive statement it remained near the jugular vein and anywhere,  “O’ Hu:” . It spreads fragrance inside when it approached the time of blossoming “ O Hu: May the efficient preceptor live long sys O “ Ba Hu” , who planted this plant “O Hu”

 This  remind us to the remembrance and recollection of the divine name planted ( affixed ) in the illuminated heart by the Murshid ( guide). The water  of negation and affirmation, the “ La”  and “ Illa” of profession of faith in the “ Zikr” a combination with the allusion to the other farming agriculture growing cash crops of cotton, where spinning a natural prosperity compared to be enhanced by similarity of  humming sounds , which generally young ladies sing as a “Zikr” or hymns extolling the glorious deeds of the guide. This brings the spiritual prosperity with modern progress in the society.

Allah (SWT) created man in his limited free will. Allah (SWT) knows the innermost desires and motives of man even better than man does himself. He is nearer to man’s own jugular vein.. We do know that J.V is the main truncated vessel one on each side of the Neck corresponding to two arteries which carry Blood from the heart to head. As the Blood stream is the vehicle for life and being conscious. This phraseology of extreme nearness implies that Allah (SWT) knows more truly very whisper of the Breath of the inner most state of our feelings and sensation, than does our physical and spiritual ego. It must also be noted  that Heart has the faculty of intelligent feelings which impressed upon the “ self” for pure truthful impact.

(50:16) It was We Who created man and We know what suggestions his soul makes to him for We are nearer to him than his Juggler vein”             

The friends of Allah (SWT) changed the human world and made minor miracles for the changing societies to remind them, the true relationship of having a great mission of values and live as a visionary to develop strength for sensory motor activity & confidence of courage to fight evil forces and satanic scheme for others and for themselves. This is indeed  an obligation to invite all persons for spiritual purification to those intellectuals who have simple souls, to change, but it can only happen as Quran Qareem mentions that Allah (SWT) changes only those souls who want to change oneself  individually and in community levels :-

(12:108)  “ Say you: This is my way, I do invite unto Allah , with a certain knowledge . I and whoever follows me, Glory to Allah : and never will I again join gods with Allah :”

Deen Al Islam certainly holds fast to the one essential fact in the spiritual world, the Oneness of Allah (SWT) and all the Reality springing from Him and Him Alone. There can be no one and nothing in competition with that One and the Only Reality. It is the essence of Truth, all other ideas , existence, including one experiences follow the way. They will never be distracted by metaphysical  speculations , whose validity will always be doubtful, nor be deluded with phantoms which lead men astray  

“Sultan Haq Bahu” are the present spiritual leaders for the last three centuries who are serving the cause of Deen Al Islam. They are inviting mankind in general, but specifically  the people who would like to acquire their spiritual well being  of their personalities and spread further the Message and Mission to come and attain the right path in the form of complete compliance with the sincere submission of their “ self” to “ Tariqa” ( methodology of Teachings and Training of Prophet (SAW) . Seera & Sunnah and further the purification of their soul and spirit so they be obedient to “ Sharia” for tranquility as a “ Nafs Mutmaina” and finally to the accomplishment of ( Haqiqa) the Reality for supreme salvation. These stages will make many individuals to serve the community for reformation. “ Haq Ba Hu” also brings attention towards “ Zikr” which means a devotion to celebrate , commensurate 

hearty association with intensive implications by mentioning Him: to remember & cherish His attributes as precious possession. The deepest philosophy enlighten a person in a saying “ I posses nothing but I am possessed” Allah (SWT) most illuminating inspirational Aya which is absolute in uniqueness :

(2:152) “ Then do you remember Me I will remember you   Be grateful to Me and reject not Faith”

The prodigal sons of Sultan “ Haq Bahu “ whom I may most respectfully with deepest veneration mention as the Radiant Roshan Sons” who are serving the cause of  Deen Al Islam with Sharia of Prophet (SAW) from the Magnificent Majestic Mausoleum of Sultan Haq BaHu in Pakistan for the last       three centuries. There is indeed a revealing instructive inspiration ( Kamal Roshan Rahnoma ) . They derive the entire guidance from Quran – Sunnah injections and Commandmens for further transmission and transference as gifted by the glorious Grace of Allah (SWT). As mentioned in the Quran Qareem

(87:11) “ Glorify the name of Guardian Lord, Most High”

Allah (SWT ) glorification means to cherish and worship Him : Day & Night if possible all the time as much as your faculties allow , because it inspires tremendous Refuge from all types, kinds of harm, damage and destruction. He is our Ssustainer ( Rab) who provides all means  ways and opportunities for our further developments  individually and for Communities : the True Guardian Lord :

(27:13) But those will prosper, who purify Themselves”

Human prosperity lies in achievement in form spiritual sense, which develops to such an extent that one gives secondary importance to worldly ways. Therefore there  is an attainment of Bliss , peace and tranquility with a safe return to salvation. The intuitive process in godliness is to clear and purify ourselves in body, mind and soul respectively. Then we shall be in fitness to proclaim Glory of Allah (SWT) , but spiritual supremacy have to be renewed and reiterated  incessantly to get its sensational sublimity. In this context the Grace of Allah (SWT) is always available and helpful to achieve our eternal goals with purity of heart and soul. The glorification of His Name in this changing, fleeting World is always Truthful and will remain the same though all ages to come. “Sultan Bahu” servants has organized and developed an association as Tanzeem-ul-Arifeen: which propagates in this modern age nationally and internationally to first mould your mind so that sagacious soul can become songster  of  His splendor with Sharia of His Seera ( SAW ) to solve all socio-economic difficulties in this world for future salvation. They also advocate for radical restoration of self awareness and cognizance of self stability which assures the solidarity and future progress of Pakistan and Muslim States. The Tanzeem ul Arifeen reformation for Muslims in general is according to the Quranic Commandments, which define and determine the criteria of Freedom and guidance in socio-economic and political principles. The Muslim states should be enforcing the ideology of supremacy of Quran & Sunnah with Islamic Principles and finally the Message from Makka-Madina to UN is that Unity of humanity rather than National factions.



This article first appeared in Mirat-ul-Arifeen Special Edition Part 2