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Sultan-ul-Arifeen Sultan-ul-Faqr Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo Book Heart Deeper than Ocean (translation of Sultan Bahoo's Punjabi Abyat)

Heart Deeper than Ocean (translation of Sultan Bahoo's Punjabi Abyat)

Author: Dr. Z. A. Awan

Abyat-e-Bahoo (Sultan Bahoo's Sufi Poems) is considered a master piece amongst the seekers of Sufi teachings, written originally in Saraiki (dialect of Punjabi) and now exquisitely translated into English by Dr. Z. A. Awan. The reality of soul and spirit is described in most eloquent manner for the people seeking Sufi path and spiritual satisfaction of the inner most. There are sections in the book which describe key concepts of spiritualism which will also elucidate Wahdaniyat (Oneness), Risalat (the messenger s following is obedience to Allah), and other perquisites for awakening your soul-sprit to be His best friend i.e. Faqr-Faqeer (code of contentment by a contended person): Dhikr-Fikr (Remembrance, Contemplation, Love of Allah), Murshid-Mureed , Language-literature. These concepts will certainly facilitate the respected readers in understanding these deliberations. This is important for a reader to be fully familiar with terminology and concepts of Abyat . The reason for this renewed format about Sultan Bahoo's valuable contribution (Abyat) is to develop an invigorating interest for international academia. They would certainly appreciate with perceptive reasoning and a fascination could be generated to understand spiritual schematics of Deen Al Islam.

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