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Sultan-ul-Arifeen Sultan-ul-Faqr Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo Book Mahak-ul-Faqr (Kalaan)

Mahak-ul-Faqr (Kalaan)

Author: Sultan Bahoo

Translated by: Said Ameer Khan Niazi

This sacred book is lateral reality towards the path of recognition of Allah; it is a revolutionary writing amongst the books of Hazoor Sultan ul Aarifeen. In this book Hazoor Sultan ul Aarifeen explains the topics of the question of spirit, base self, wit and knowledge, setting of spiritual path, reality of Sufism, scholars and Gnostics of world and followers of material world, kinds of friendship, Fuqara Gnostics of Allah, good and evil, legend of a minister who left his ministry, Shahadah, Noor e Muhammadi ﷺ, remembrance, complete faith, ardent lovers, true and general understanding of Farz (compulsory prayers), attributes of Quran, pondering, legend of a truthful women and ten (10) gardens of human heart, inspired knowledge and absolute wit, heart of Momin throne of Allah, invitation of Quran, Alfaqr o La Yehtaz, commentary of Alf, remembrance of Allah and knowledge of symbols, commentary on knowledge of alchemy, prayer for victory of disbelievers, Ism-e-Azam, testimony of base self, attributes of Ishq, people of heart, silence, animal and human, commentary on accession to heavens, Divine wisdom, vision of Divine attributes and Divine vision. This book explains that each element of Islam has literal meaning as well as spiritual dimension.

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