Ardent lovers don’t enter mosque those whom have solid foundation Hoo

In deep inner they own lau-lak outwardly wander around in deprivation Hoo

They perform pilgrimage every moment yet no one seen them in Makkay Hoo

Ardent lover intended they never miss ‘Bahoo’ no one seen them establish pray Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Ardent lovers have firm foundations because they are at the state of truth of certainty and they don’t attend five daily prayers in the masjid they view their beloved within their hearts. Spiritually they have entire creation at their disposals and outwardly they are seen as roaming in state of destitution. They perform pilgrimage every moment within their heart and yet no one has seen them in Makka outwardly. Ardent lovers have initiated intention for prayer once and they remain in ardent love all the while but no one has seen them establishing the prayer. They keep themselves disguised from the view of others. They conceal their real state form others.