Fasting, supererogatory prayer and abstinence are factors of confusion Hoo

Sustainer not accessed with these factors because they are of pride and ostentation Hoo

He remains your friend from primordial and he is your beloved soul-mate Hoo

You will be relieved from repeated remembrance ‘Bahoo’ when you annihilate Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

With supererogatory prayer, fasting and other optional rituals one becomes ostentatious and pride stricken. With any vestige of pride within ones beings one is unable sense wind of Gnostics and base self of such person becomes strong and powerful. Allah Almighty is ones beloved from pre-eternity and He in within oneself. When one reaches state of fana (annihilate) in Allah, only than one is worthy of His divine grace and not with repeated recitation or other forms of rituals.