Everyone is reciting Islamic creed verbally but none acknowledges by heart Hoo

Where creed is recited by heart, speech cannot play any part Hoo

Ardent lover recite creed with their heart merely how talkative could outsmart Hoo

This creed taught by my master ‘Bahoo’ and I remain fortunate bride from start Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Recitation of Islamic creed (Kalima Tayyebah) with tongue is part of affirmation the other part and most important part is acknowledging it with heart. When kalima is recited with heart, merely speech and lectures has no place. When enamour of Allah recites kalima in the heart, such could not be perceived by lecturers. They are not in ardent love with Allah and they only talk about it. Since my master taught me this kalima ‘Bahoo’ I have become graceful and fateful bride blessed with unison of beloved forever. Without guidance of perfect master ones Islamic declaration remains imperfect and inferior.