Listen to my plea, O master of the masters! my plea carefully heed Hoo

My ship struck in such whirlpool where alligators dare go indeed Hoo

Shah Gillani beloved of Glorious heed my plea swiftly for sure Hoo

Whose master is Mira'n ‘Bahoo’ he will swim to seashore Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Listen to my plea carefully O Ghouth Al-Azam Syed Abdul Qadir Al-Gillani My ship is struck in such whirlpool of Gnostics where no one would dare go. O Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Gillani! you are beloved of Glorious, listen to my plea. The one whose master is you he will successfully swim across the oceans of Oneness. The lesson to heed is that without perfect guide like Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Gillani one will succeed in Gnostics of Allah Almighty and with imperfect mentor one will face calamities and hardship.