Listen to my plea, O master of masters! to whom should I submit my plea to Hoo

There is none like you for me and there are hundreds of thousand as me for you Hoo

Do not scrutinise my bad deeds and do not rid me from your door Hoo

If I did not have such sins, ‘Bahoo’ then whom would you had pardoned more Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Ghouth Al-Azam Syed Abdul Qadir Al-Gillani! please listen to my plight. If you are not going to assist me to whom should I turn for assistance? For me there is no one with such grace as you but there are thousands like me. Please don’t scrutinise the files of my bad deeds and do not push me away from your door. If I was not such sinner whom would you have interceded for. Perfect mentor is aware of seekers weaknesses and therefore he helps him rectify his ills, so that the seeker remains on the True path of Allah. If mentor is unaware of seekers ills how could he guide him towards the path of Truth.