Mercy may shower upon Shorkot where Bahoo has taken abode Hoo

He takes care for seekers as gardeners cares for plants Hoo

He accesses Divine vision of Mercy from Divine presence in a fraction Hoo

Person of spiritual excellence is thy name 'Bahoo' who show the beloved in house with affection Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Mercy may shower on the blessed city Shorkot where Sultan Bahoo resided with their noble parents after they migrated from their ancestral village Anga in valley of Soonsakeser (Punjab). He takes care of those who quest for divine reality, same as a gardener takes care of his plants. He accesses the visualization of Divine Mercy from Almighty’s (hazoori) actual presence in a moment with a glance. Your title is faqeer (faqr is exalted status in mystics and faqeer is one who adopts the path of faqr it does not mean poor in this context as many orientalists has described). Showing or viewing the Divine view in house, is actually seeing of Almighty within the heart.