The gates of Shariah are tall and path of spiritual excellence is afar Hoo

Learned scholars would not allow who ever passes, passes secretly insofar Hoo

They would throw bricks and rocks at the passionate Hoo

Ardent lover are aware of beloved's secret ‘Bahoo’ what would those bulls know of such state Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

The path of Islamic divine law is graceful and honourable in outer practices but faqr is beyond the comprehension of learned scholars. Any practice or belief of faqr is often criticised by formal educated scholars and as a result they sometime see it as polytheism or infidelity. They would not hastiest in stoning them as Mansoor Hallaj was treated. Many would have an ongoing grudge with Ardent lovers. The true ardent lovers are those who are acquainted with secret of Allah and therefore any ill treatment would not deter them from their endeavours.