He who Practices spiritual excellence without knowledge is an infidel who will die insane Hoo

Worshiped for hundreds of years, yet unawareness from Allah still remain Hoo

Veils of ignorance will not lift the illiterate’s idol house, heart will remain Hoo

I sacrifice upon thy ‘Bahoo’ beloved’s Oneness unity who attain Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Whoso embarks upon the spiritual path of faqr without the knowledge of Islamic Divine law and spiritual knowledge will become insane and die as an infidel. Such person who had worshiped outwardly for hundreds of years and had not acquired spiritual knowledge or guidance shell remain ignorant from the (marifat) recognition of Allah Almighty. The ignorance will act as veil on the soul and the heart remain illiterate of the knowledge of Allah Almighty and will still be engages in worshiping his desires. The perfect Gnostics are worthy of being sacrificed upon because they have attained the recognition of true Divine beloved.