There isn’t any place for intellect and thoughts where is secret of glorious one Hoo

There aren’t mullahs, pundit, astrologers or commentary of Qur’anic knowledge Hoo

Everything annihilated when Ahmed  shown Divine One Hoo

Accessed entire knowledge ‘Bahoo’ by keeping closed heavenly books of knowledge Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

The state of secret of Oneness is beyond the comprehension of intellect because the physical intellectual reasoning and five senses cannot visualise the realm of state of sirr (secret). That can only be accessed spiritually. In that realm of sirr of The Glorious Majesty of Allah Almighty there are no mullahs, Hindu priest, astrologer or the need of Qur’anic commentary . After Intellect, imaginations and with other factors inability of reaching the state of Glory of Divine Oneness Hazrat Sultan Bahoo says how all of the things become known? To the answer of this question he says that in this universe an perfect personality who is reflection of Allah Almighty’s entire merciful attributes is sanctified personality of Prophet of Islam ﷺ. Those people who go through basic stages they see through spectacles of attributes and see the manifestations of Allah Almighty’s attributes and they find Hazrat Mohammed ﷺ to be attributes excellent reflection, but spiritual wayfarer progress in his spiritual states and completes the journey of attributes and thus concentrates towards (zat) essence and he place the spectacles of essence’s manifestation and witnesses Allah Almighty’s manifestations of essence. Interpretation of this of all of the Sufi is that like sun cannot be looked at directly or could be sustained and the best way is mirror, that is concise and assists in outer body but its excellence is that the sun whose shine would bluer or blind the eyes and its shine cannot be sustained that mirror can display that unlimited shine in its simple capacity. Sufi give this example of sun shine as Allah Almighty’s illuminations minute spec and its severity is unbearable and how could this illumination of essence be sustained. So therefore a mirror I required with that or take it as intercessory and witness the manifestations of Allah Almighty and that mirror Allah Almighty has made His beloved prophetﷺ. Who so ever wants access to Essence of Divine truth has to go through this mirror. Same as when Hazrat Musa was witnessing manifestation of attributes and requested Allah Almighty that I am your first ardent love aashiq so in state of absorption he requested five time. All the other prophets were bestowed monotheism of attributes and Rasool Allah ﷺ was bestowed monotheism of essence and therefore the five times Rasool Allahﷺ was asked to return back to Allah Almighty to have the prayers and length of fasting reduced. In actual fact it was the reflection of essence upon the beautiful face of Rasool Allahﷺ which was beyond hundred of thousand manifestations of toor and Hazrat Musa peace and blessings be upon them were absorbed in that sight. Hazrat Sultan Bahoo says as regards to third line that when we travel through states of spiritual discipline and the topmost state came near and became aware that spectacle of all attributes of Allah Almighty and His essence’s perfect spectacle is Hazrat Mohammed ﷺ . It is say that we have seen the illumination of monotheism in the mirror in form of Mohammed ﷺ and thus ardent love reached it destiny faqr reached its completion, states reached their perfection and all besides Allah Almighty whatsoever there had perished such like nafs, selfish desires, dualism, and distance. You and we all annihilated. Only remained was existing essence and His mirror. In the fourth line he says that with such perfection we reached our topmost of faqr so that knowledge which is illumination, with is the reason of human dignity whose purpose is to that the universe to knowing that has accomplished upon us and the heavenly books which wanted to enlighten us with vast betterment we have succeeded in accessing our objective.      Everything all matters relating to five senses has faced extinction when in the personality of Hazrat Mohammed, the noor of Almighty manifested. Such Gnostics, whom have reached the utmost of heavenly knowledge by acquiring the entire knowledge that was to be accessed and the realm of Almighty essence,