اندر وچ نماز اساڈے ہکسے جانتیوے ھُو
نال قیام رکوع سجودے کر تکرار پڑھیوے ھُو
ایہہ دل ہجر فراقوں سڑیا ایہہ دم مرے نہ جیوے ھُو
سچّا راہ محمدؐ والا باھُوؒ جَیں وچ ربّ لبھیوے ھُو


Our prayers are also intended to be offered within heart - Hoo,

It is repeated in all postures, standing, stooping, prostrating with recitations - Hoo,

The pangs of separation exhausted the heart, the Breath, which neither dies nor lives - Hoo,

The real path is of Muhammad (SAWW), Bahoo, which can take to your Lord - Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

I have initiated single intension for my central prayer in the qalb (soul). It remains engaged in perpetual dhikr with each breath and therefore all the rituals of prayers taken care of. My heart burns with love due to fear of separation and each breath is immersed in the dhikr. The closer you are with your beloved you fear separation. The true path towards providence is the path of Prophet Mohammed which is faqr. This path is of recognition of Allah Almighty and Prophet  said that “faqr is from me and I am proud of it”.


The Prophet (SAWW) Sharia leads to Maarifat cognition to become familiar with ultimate Reality. The Sharia leads to “Haq-ul-Yaqeen” to an invincible highest citadel to please Allah (SWT).