ایہہ تن میرا چشماں ہووے تے میں مرشد ویکھ نہ رجاں ھُو
لُوں لُوں دے مڈھ لکھ لکھ چشماں ہک کھولاں ہک کجاں ھُو
اتنیاں ڈٹھیاں صبر ناں آوے ہور کتے ول بھجاں ھُو
مرشد دا دیدار ہے باھُوؒ مینوں لکھ کروڑاں حجاں ھُو


My whole body be an eye; I will never be satisfied in beholding my spiritual mentor (Murshid) - Hoo,

Every bit of me be millions of eyes, I would constantly view my mentor, by closing one and opening another - Hoo,

Even then my incessant zeal wouldn’t subside, where would I go? - Hoo,

Sight of my “Murshid” is, Bahoo, like millions of pilgrimages - Hoo.

Commentary by M. A. Khan

If my body turns into eyes and I would not be satisfied by seeing my murshid in whom I see the reflection of Divine manifestation even if each hair on my body has hundred thousand eyes I will open one and close the other so that my view does not get abstracted with blinking of the eye. To viewing Divine light manifest on the face of perfect spiritual master. With such form of observation if I am not satisfied than to whom should I turn to? My murshid’s view for me is like thousand million hajj pilgrimages to Makka.


Pilgrimage to Holy Places is a duty for every Muslim to get showers of Blessings; but here beholding the perfect guide is not less than that. There is also a feeling, that permission for this act may be sought from a perfect guide”.