Understood the essence of Islamic creed when awareness came of Islamic creeds’s implication Hoo

Ardent lover recite Islamic creed at such stage where there is Prophet’s  illuminating celebration Hoo

Fourteen realms are within Islamic creed unaware is simple creation Hoo

Master taught us Islamic creed ‘Bahoo’ we sacrifice our life upon them in fascination Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

I understood the reality of the core of Islamic creed when it unlocked my spiritual institution by it’s illumine. The ardent lovers recite kalima in the presence of Hazrat Mohammed in the gathering in the majlis-e-Mohammadi where illumines of Rasool Allah manifests. Fourteen realms seven earths and seven heavens are within the kalima and unaware public are unable to comprehend it. O ‘Bahoo’ murshid has taught me the recognition of kalima I sacrifice my life upon Rasool Allah with pleasure.