Understood Islamic creed when Islamic creed taken over the heart Hoo

dispassionate are unaware, yet compassionates have placed around their neck from start Hoo

Infidelity and Islam is understood when it broke into the heart Hoo

I sacrifice upon those ‘Bahoo’ who perfectly read the Islamic creed from start Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

I understood the kalima when kalima captured me heart by its spiritual influence. Those people who don’t have any passion and love for kalima never understood its reality but ardent loves understood it form( la e laha) negation,( illallah ho) affirmation and (Mohammed ur Rasool Allah) confirmation and they have placed it like garland around their neck. The difference of Islam and kufr came to light when recited the kalima and it manifested in my heart. O ‘Bahoo’ I sacrifice upon those people of marifat whom have understood the marifat of Kalima.