Your life is few days establish worshiping or you will be regretful but Hoo

Be a trader and barter, the shop will gradually shut Hoo

Perhaps beloved acknowledges your passion, challenging is death alas Hoo

Thieves and pious filled the boat, ‘Bahoo’ Sustainer will take the boat across Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

This physical life is very short therefore worship your sustainer or you will regret in the hereafter. O dervish this world is like a shop purchase the merchandise for the hereafter before you realise and it is too late. Hope that Allah Almighty acknowledges your passion and consolidates with you because you cannot depend on your life. It could end at anytime. O ‘Bahoo’ this body of yours has spirit, soul, base self and Satan bandit they all occupied the boat of body Allah Almighty will take the boat across the shores of salvation.