On that path there are terrifying hazards pitch darkness and dark dust storm Hoo

Face is water of eternal life of radiant spring and there are shadows of amber tresses in elegant form Hoo

Beloved face is house of God where ardent lover prostrate with delight Hoo

Between tresses there are eyes which are place for prostration where four madhab (doctrine) meet upright Hoo

Ardent lover are in search as (Skander) Alexandra they would not take a respite Hoo

Khider is the destiny of those ‘Bahoo’ who drink there with excite Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

On the path of ardent love to attain death before dying there are darkness of nafs, satanic hazards and grief of all kinds as well of lurking fear on the path of marifat that could result in retraction rijat. Rasool Allah blessing and salutation be upon them their face is like shining spring of eternal life those hairs are like shadow of amber fragrance. The face of Rasool Allah blessing and salutation be upon them is the kabba for the ardent lovers where they prostrate with their heart. Between the amber fragranced tresses there are eyes which seen Allah Almighty and it is within the four of the religious doctrines. Ardent lovers endeavour in search of water of life Like Skander day and night without respite. O ‘Bahoo’ such ardent lovers whom have fate like Hazrat Khider (as) will find that water of life and drink from there