اندر کلمہ کَل کَل کردا عشق سکھایا کلماں ھُو
چوداں طبق کلمے دے اندر قرآن کتاباں علماں ھُو
کانے کپ کے قلم بناطون لکھ نہ سکن قلماں ھُو
باھُوؒ ایہہ کلمہ مینوں پیر پڑھایا ذرانہ رہیاں الماں ھُو


“Kalima” is resonating inside me and “Ishq” taught me this Kalima - Hoo,

Fourteen Realms (all the plains of existence) are in the “Kalima” and in it is the Quran and Knowledge indeed - Hoo,

They cut up the reed and carve the pens that cannot write - Hoo,

O, Bahoo, ever since my spiritual mentor (Murshid) taught me this Kalima, I am free from all woes - Hoo.

Commentary by M. A. Khan

The kalima tayyeba (Islamic creed) which is vocal in me, which taught by my ardent love. The fourteen spheres of heavens and earth are within the essence of kalima tayyeba as well as Quran and other books of knowledge. Cutting of entire Reeds for sake of pens to write commentary of kalima tayyeba but even than the pens were incapable of writing the entire commentary of it. Since my spiritual master taught me this creed O Bahoo! I don’t have any form of pain or grief left in me because it had purified me and my inner and further prepared me for the Divine union where there is no sorrow or grief.


“There is no god, but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger”

It is the profession and submission to be a Muslim with an irrevocable contract to abide by the complete code of life in Deen-Al-Islam. This is the best formula to achieve closeness to Allah’s (SWT) Domain.