ایہہ تن رب سچے دا حجرا وچ پا فقیرا جھاتی ھُو
ناں کر منت خواج خضر دی تیرے اندر آب حیاتی ھُو
شوق دا دیوا بال ہنیرے متاں لبھی وست کھڑاتی ھُو
مرن تھیں اگے مر رہے باھُوؒ جنہاں حق دی رمز پچھاتی ھُو


This body of yours is the dwelling of Lord so Mystic (Faqeer) look inside - Hoo,

Do not ask favors from Khawaja Khidhr, the water of immortality is within you - Hoo,

Do illuminate the lamp of longing, perhaps you might find what you have lost - Hoo,

Dying before death ‘O’ Bahoo, would give you the cognition of Divine signs – Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

In this poem Sultan Bahoo addresses the people of spiritual excellence he says: O faqeer this body of yours is dwelling of Allah Almighty take a look in it. You will find your true Sustainer within yourself. 

Do not beg Khidr (mysterious Prophet) for the water of immortality it is within your heart. Light up the beacon of passion in your darkness perhaps you might find the true light quickly .Those who have killed, their worldly desires in life then they have actually recognised the sign of divine truth. As it is narrated in Hadith of Prophet , “Die before the death”.


Khidhr is the name given to the person who was found by Moses (A.S) at the place where two met to enlighten the later with a special spiritual type of wisdom. Al-Quran (18; 57-80)