Faith left due to ardent love then like an infidel you dwell Hoo

Sit in house of idols and wear the girdle of infidel Hoo

In such house beloved is invisible never prostrate in such place indeed Hoo

In such place where beloved in unseen ‘Bahoo’ never recite Islamic creed Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

For the purpose of ardent love I have left the faith and moved beyond in quest of Allah Almighty’s actual self and where ever they see manifestation of Allah Almighty they turn towards that direction. People who were unaware of the norms of marifat had passed judgements against the people of ardent love. For the purpose of ardent love to disguise oneself one could wear infidel garment and sit inside the house of idle in order to be discarded by people. In such place where the actual beloved is invisible never to prostrate there. O ‘Bahoo’ until actual beloved is not visible in the soul without truth of certitude never recite Islamic creed because without certainty of the heart merely reciting the Islamic creed will not be of any use.