Such people attained without want, ultimate of spiritual excellence whom have achieved Hoo

Those whose gaze is alchemy why by oxidisation of mercury would be retrieved Hoo

Who has their friend present their enemy dare not take chance yet Hoo

I sacrifice upon those ‘Bahoo’ Prophet of such veneration they met Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Those people whom had attained the excellence in faqr does not have actually any desires left. Those Gnostics whose glance turns earth clods into gold with the contemplation of Ism-e-Allah zaat. Such kind of people don’t have the need to resort to struggle in exercises like an alchemist goes through lengthy procedure to process mercury. O ‘Bahoo’ those whom have Rasool Allah observing their state their enemy nafs dare not attempt to deceive them. I sacrifice upon those O ‘Bahoo’ whom had seen Rasool Allah blessing and salutation be upon them and Rasool Allah   administered their beit in the congregation of Rasool Allah