Master has to be like goldsmith who melts in melting pot to purify like gold Hoo

He takes out of melting pot and makes bracelets or earrings from mould Hoo

You will look elegant in beloved’s ears after you are polished like ornament Hoo

Spiritual excellence is your name ‘Bahoo’ who cares for friend every moment Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Murshid has to be like goldsmith, who will place the talib in the melting pot of ardent love and heat it with ism-e-Allah zaat in order to completely transform state of his heart. When the desires other than Allah Almighty exits his body like impurities from the gold and turn it into pure gold and takes it out of the ardent loves melting pot only then he will befit beloved’s criteria. It will suite beloved when it is polished clean. Such person is named faqeer O ‘Bahoo’ who remembers his beloved in every breath.