My master is pilgrimage of Makka and mercy’s door Hoo

I perform circumambulation and initiate fresh pilgrimage for sure Hoo

Ever since I have heard “happen so it happened” I have seen the master’s door Hoo

Master has eternal life ‘Bahoo’ he is Khidr, Khawaja and more Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Seeing murshid for me is like pilgrimage of Makka and he is door of mercy. Murshid’s heart is the mirror of the Merciful and the talib’s inner initiate’s circumambulation of it. Ever since I heard the command “happen so it happens” I recognised my murshid Rasool Allahdoor. My murshid blessing and salutation be upon him is the source of water of life and my guide out of black sea like khider and my master.