Master resides at hundreds of miles distance yet seen nearer exact Hoo

What happens if body is invisible he lives within me in fact Hoo

Those who have perfected essence of Alif, forward they have stepped Hoo

Discovered “I am nearer to my devotee” ‘Bahoo’ since then I have resolved all tribulations Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

My murshid resides at hundreds of miles and due to my extreme closeness with him I see him within my heart. I makes no difference if he is physically away from me in actual fact he lives within my heart. Those Gnostics whom have recognised the alif first letter of Glorious name of Allah Almighty they move ahead on the path of marifat. O ‘Bahoo’ ever since I have discovered the secret of “I am nearer to you than your jugular vein” I found Him very near to myself and my problems of duality has subside and I only see His Glorious self manifesting within my inner.