Master is Makka disciple is pilgrim and ardent love becomes Kaaba Hoo

Within his presence, perform pilgrimage all the while Hoo

He would not separate from me for a moment yet heart is longing to meet him all the while Hoo

Master is actual life ‘Bahoo’ who live in my every hair all the while Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Murshid is sacred as Makka and in whose heart ardent love has formed kabba of Allah Almighty’s reality where talib of Allah is like pilgrim (hajji). O talib come to the presence of murshid and acquire inner pilgrimage of ardent love all the time. My murshid is not away from me even for a moment and my heart still yearning with passion for further unison. O ‘Bahoo’ my perfect murshid is gem of life who resides within my each hair.